Safety advice for your online dating experience with Meet 4 Love

We at Meet 4 Love have created this website for the sole purpose of providing a quality dating service where like minded adults can communicate, share aspirations, forge new friendships and develop lasting relationships or simply just have fun. Despite every effort to provide a quality service we cannot, however, guarantee the quality of the personal information given by each member, therefore we recommend you follow these guidelines. Remember you make contact with other members at your own risk and always trust your instincts they are often right. Please note that all members are bound by our terms of use.

Despite what some people may say, online dating is one of the safest forms of meeting new potential partners. With the growing acceptance of the internet, more and more people are meeting this way especially professionals that lead busy lives. Impostors and liars can be found anywhere, especially in places such as bars and nightclubs, the internet is no different, however they are more easily spotted online and we will always remove anyone from our site who is less than genuine. Please also refer to our privacy policy.


  • Do not reveal your personal details, such as your email address, telephone number or home address, until you are happy to do so. Make use of our anonymous messaging facility for as long as possible, remember that you can discover a lot about a person and start to develop a relationship through communication before revelaing any personal information.
  • Find out as much as possible about another member via our anonymous messaging system before revealing too much about yourself or arranging a date.
  • Beware of your contact giving inconsistent meassages regarding their marital status, appearance, age, occupation etc. or exaggerate certain claims. Maybe there is evidence of contradiction in what they say. Ask questions relating to aspects on their profile.
  • Do not lie about yourself, give false statements or post false photographs of yourself, not only is this in breach of our terms of use but it achieves nothing as all will eventually be revealed true or otherwise.
  • Don't be bullied or forced into revealing information or meeting too quickly, if they are not understanding of your needs or point of view should you be communicating with them at all?
  • Stop contact with another member if you feel threatened or uncomfortable, if you suspect someone of abusing this service please let us know via email.
  • Remember to apply common sense at all times, trust your own instincts and be responsible for your own conduct.
  • Always meet in a public place preferably somewhere you know well better still where there are people that recognise and know you.
  • Consider meeting your date with a friend or group of friends.
  • Always let someone know beforehand who you are meeting and where you are going. Maybe arrange to have a friend call you on your mobile halfway through your date just to check that you are OK or you call them.
  • Never accept a lift home, nor allow your date to pick you up from home, until you are very comfortable about your date - remember they are still a stranger!

We wish you well in your quest to find your ideal partner - have fun and enjoy!

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